Our Mission

Green Valley exists to bring glory to God by making fully devoted followers of Christ who passionately love God and people. 

This happens through Gospel Centered worship, community, service, and disciple-making.

Why glory to God?

God is full of glory, beauty, love, and holiness.  As a Trinity God has always shared glory within Himself.  When He created us He shared His glory with us by making us in His image.  As image bearers we are created to share God’s glory with others and reflect that glory back to God.  That’s what it means to “bring glory to God.”

Why make fully devoted followers of Christ?

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully human.  As such He is the ultimate image bearer.  When we learn to follow Him we too are changed into the image of Jesus who is the ultimate image of God.  To be a “fully devoted follower of Christ” doesn’t mean that we just try to copy what Jesus did or try hard to be like Him.  It means that we live a life of faith in His empowering grace in our lives that supplies all we need for life.  His life exchanged for ours!

Why love God and others?

Love for God and others will be the overflow of our faith in what Jesus has done for us when He lived the perfect life that we could never live and died the death that we deserve to die.  Faith and gratitude should result in a life of love and devotion to God which is expressed as love and devotion to others.